Talk Like a Pirate day 2014

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2015 on the horizon.

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Ahoy, me Hearties! Just a freindly shot o’er t’ bows that Satd’y 19th Septemby be International Talk Like a Pirate Day an’ as always, we aboard t’ good ship JB again be ‘avin a knees-up ter celebrate. Yarrr! Not only we be talkin’ like Pirates, we be dressin’ like ’em too. So be gettin’ yer best pirate togs on an’ be sailin’ down an joinin’ t’ fun. We also be ‘avin some Piratical-themed grog for ye on t’ bar. We …

Yaaarrrrr! Happy Talk Like a Pirate day!

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Maaaarrrrrnin’ mateys an’ an ‘appy Talk like a Pirate day t’ ye. We ‘ope ye be joinin’ in our general Pirate shenanigans today aboard t’ good ship JB an’ be rememberin’ we be ‘avin Pirate prizes fer t’ best Pirate dress an’ best Pirate name. An’ be makin’ sure ye be changin’ yer language on Fizogbook ter ‘Pirate’, just fer today. Yarrrrr! an’ ‘appy plunderin’. Cap’n Philthy Fugpig

Yarr! One day to TLAP

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Ahoy all ye land lubbers! Don’t ye be fergettin’ it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day on t’ morrow an’ t’ celebrate it, them crazy Tapsters at Just Beer be ‘avin a Pirate day wi’ nautical themed ales. If ye be comin’ dressed as a Pirate, ye’ll be gettin’ yer first pint fer just a pound. Come on board mateys. Yarr! If ye be ‘avin one o’ them new-fangled computers, ye can be downloadin’ yer Pirate dictionary ‘ere. Fair …