Yarr! One day to TLAP

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Ahoy all ye land lubbers!

Don’t ye be fergettin’ it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day on t’ morrow an’ t’ celebrate it, them crazy Tapsters at Just Beer be ‘avin a Pirate day wi’ nautical themed ales. If ye be comin’ dressed as a Pirate, ye’ll be gettin’ yer first pint fer just a pound. Come on board mateys. Yarr!

If ye be ‘avin one o’ them new-fangled computers, ye can be downloadin’ yer Pirate dictionary ‘ere. Fair winds to all o’ ye, ‘an we ‘ope t’ be seein’ ye at Just Beer when t’ sun’s o’er t’ yard arm. Yarr!

Capn’ Phithy Fugpig.

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