Talk Like a Pirate day 2014

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2015 on the horizon.

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Ahoy, me Hearties!

Just a freindly shot o’er t’ bows that Satd’y 19th Septemby be International Talk Like a Pirate Day an’ as always, we aboard t’ good ship JB again be ‘avin a knees-up ter celebrate. Yarrr! Not only we be talkin’ like Pirates, we be dressin’ like ’em too. So be gettin’ yer best pirate togs on an’ be sailin’ down an joinin’ t’ fun. We also be ‘avin some Piratical-themed grog for ye on t’ bar.

We be sharin’ loot an’ beery prizes fer t’ best Pirate dress, best Pirate name an’ t’ best Pirate joke, so be gettin’ yer thinkin’ bandanas on now an’ be comin’ up wi’ a name fer yerself. If ye be takin’ photies wi’ yer new-fangled smartyphone, them be shootin’ em up t’ our Fizogbook page an’ be taggin ’em wi’ #itlapd t’ be sharin’ yer Pirate shenanigans wi’ yer feller crew maties.

Last year’s winner fer t’ best dress be Jay (Arfur Galleon) Doran an’ ‘e also be winnin’ best name an’ all! So be gettin’ yersel’s down ‘ere t’ see if ye can be beatin’ ‘im.

We ‘ope t’ be welcomin’ yer aboard. Yarrrrrrr!

Meanwhile, ‘ere be a Pirate joke fer ye all…

Q. What be the Pirate sayin’ when ‘is wooden leg be gettin’ stuck in the freezer?
A. Shiver me timbers! Yaaaar!

Beer ahooooooy!

Cap’n Philthy Fugpig.

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