Menu for the 7th Just Beer Beer Festival (JBBF7)

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Yikesters! It seems like we’ve only just packed away all the gear from the last BeerMuda Triangle beer fest when it’s time set up all the kit again for another! We’re really looking forward the Newark CAMRA beer festival, which we will be once again complementing with our own little celebration of beer, which we call the JBBF. Open: Thu: 11am-11pm Fri & Sat 10am-midnight Sun: noon-10pm Up to 17 beers available at one time served both from handpump and …

Get lost in the BeerMuda Triangle.

Happy Tapster Festivals, News Leave a Comment

Just when you thought the festivities were over and you had nothing to look forward to, the 3rd BeerMuda Triangle Beer festival is only three weeks away. This year our friends at the Castle Barge have joined us, taking the pub count to five, offering around 60 real ales between them from 23rd to 26th January. The Just Beer list isn’t finalised yet, but the provisional menu is as follows: Art Brew Beer Engine Black Horse Brown Ales Clarkshaws Double …