BeerMuda Triangle Beer Festival list

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Just Beer’s menu for the upcoming festival is now available. We have no less than nine breweries making their first appearance on our bar, all marked with* We’ve also included some favourites as voted for by our customers, such as Brew York, Cloudwater, Neon Raptor, Pentrich, Track and Verdant, so hopefully we have something for everybody. The festival, in conjunction with the Organ Grinder and Flying Circus, runs from 26th-29th January. Just Beer will be open from midday Thu to …

Just Beer bar

JBBF2022 (Just Beer Beer Festival) list now available

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Something for everyone! Hey peeps, it’s that time of year again and here’s the list for the upcoming beery weekend.Choice from suppliers, sadly, has been somewhat less than pre-covid but I hope we’ve put a list together that’s got at least something for everybody. JBBF2022 – Just Beer Beer Festival 2022Runs: 26th – 29th MayOpen: 1200-2400 Thu-Sat, 1400-1900 Sun. ARBOR X BRICKAussie IPA 6.0Four quality hops; Galaxy, Ella, Eclipse and Enigma combine for a fresh, juicy IPA.BREW YORKCalmer Chameleon 3.9A …

It’s JBBF time again!

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We’ve missed out for two years, but the Just Beer Beer Festival is back! Due to all the Covid malarky, we dipped out on two years of the JBBF. Now we’re delighted to say we are back with a four-day festival which begins on Thursday 26th May. This is held to complement the Newark CAMRA beer festival (also returning after an enforced break) which takes place the same weekend, again situated on the Riverside Park, just over the lock from …

BeerMuda Triangle Beer Festival 2022 list

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Just Beer’s beer menu is now finalised (subject to delivery of course!) and is as follows:  Ampersand (Earsham) – On the Wing 4.5% NEPA [CASK] Atom (Hull) – Dalton 4.2% PALE [CASK] Boundary (Belfast) – Not Everybody Has a Phil 4.5% APA [KEG] Brew York (York) – Twisted Transistor 7.1% SOUR IPA [KEG] Cloudwater (Manchester) – How Wonderful! 3.7% NEIPA [KEG] Full Circle (Newcastle) – Not My First Rodeo 6.8% NEIPA [KEG] Hammerton (London) – Tuned 4.1% APA [KEG] …

BeerMuda is back!

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Quite a number of you have recently been asking us if there will be a BeerMuda Triangle beerfest in Newark next year. At the time we couldn’t answer, but we’re happy to announce today that there will be (circumstances permitting) and the three participating pubs will be Just Beer (of course), the Organ Grinder and the Flying Circus (all GBG 2022 listed). As you will appreciate, the three pubs have to approach this event cautiously due to the epi/pandemic and …

CAsks in the cellar

Just Beer Beer Festival 2019 (JBBF19)

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It’s that time of year again and, as usual, we will be holding a fest to coincide with the Newark CAMRA Beer Festival. OPENING TIMES:Thurs 23rd – Sun 26th May.Open:Thu: 11am-11pmFri & Sat 10am-midnightSun: noon-10pm Up to 17 cask beers available at one time, eight from hand pump and nine direct from cellar. For those who like it crafty, we’ve had a tap wall installed since last festival so also have six keg beers to offer. Beers currently available will …

Just Beer Beer Festival 2018 list

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Wowsers! The buzz of the last BeerMuda Triangle beer fest has only just died down and it’s time for the Just Beer Beer Beer Festival 2018 (JBBF8), which compliments the Newark CAMRA beer festival, running on the Riverside Park throughout the weekend. The JBBF8 is open Thu 24th – Sun 27th May. Thu: 11am-11pm Fri & Sat 10am-midnight Sun: noon-10pm Up to 17 beers available at one time served both from hand pump and direct from cellar, ensuring the perfect …

IPA day

Prepare for IPA Day 2017!

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Thursday August 3rd is International IPA Day and to celebrate, we are proud to be part of the Newark CAMRA IPA Trail, which runs from Friday 28th July until Sunday 6th August, giving you plenty of time to complete the beery trek! We’ve some crackers for you to sample this year, with two IPAs being available on the bar at any one time. Some of these are powerful brews, so please treat with respect and enjoy the trail. Almasty (Shiremoor, …