What a day!

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Wow! What a day we had yesterday! Thanks to the Newark Beer Festival being run in town, we had loads of new visitors from all over the area and the pub was heaving all day. When the festival ran dry five hours early (well done to them) it seemed like everyone converged on the pubs of Newark to satisfy their thirst for real ale.

We at JB got through nine beers in one day and the Blue Monkey Guerrilla lasted just three hours, which is a record for us.

If you were one of those that visited Just Beer for the first time, thanks very much for that and we hope you enjoyed it. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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  1. What an afternoon!
    Having got to the winter beer festival to find just dregs remaining, I thought Saturday would be a damp squib. However, Just Beer saved the day. What a treasure! Despite several ales on offer, I stuck with the Blue Monkey and obligatory scratchings. Could have stayed there until the witching hour but curry beckoned.

    If you’ve not been to the Just Beer Micropub, go now before the world discovers it a d they’re queuing round the block.

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