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Here is the list for our 1st Aleoween Beer Festival, starting this Thursday and running through to Sunday 3rd November. A downloadable version is available here.

Remember it’s fancy dress on thursday evening. The best three outfits will win beery prizes.

Arkwright’s (Preston, Lancs: 2009)
3 Course Meal 4.0%
(Copper) Caramel, toffee, bitter
Belleville (London: 2013)
Trick or Treat 5.4%
(Copper) Fruity, peppery hops, spiced
Concrete Cow (Bradwell Abbey, Bucks: 2007)
Cloven Hoof 4.5%
(Brown) Sweet malt, vanilla hints
Denbigh (Denbigh, Clwyd: 2012)
Y Mental 7.2%
(Black) Sweet, fruity, citrus undertones
Funfair (Elston, Notts: 2004)
House of Horrors 3.9%
(Slime green!) Crisp, bitter, hoppy
Hartshorns (Derby: 2012)
Apocalypse 6.2%
(Golden) Very hoppy, sweetish
Milestone (Cromwell, Notts: 2004)
Wicked Witch 4.5%
(Brown) Caramel, toffee, roast, bitter
North Star (Ilkeston, Derbys: 2012)
Devil’s Deadly Weapon 6.66%
(Black) Deep roast, burnt, bitter
Oldershaw (Barkston Heath, Lincs: 1997)
Spookydaze 4.5%
(Amber) Malty, balanced hops, sweetish
Popes/Firefly collaboration (Brewed at Pope’s, Worcester: 2013)
West Coast Pale Ale  4.7%
(Pale) Crisp, bitter, citrus
Salamander (Bradford, W. Yorks: 2000)
Spectre Stout 4.5%
(Black) Dark roast, bitter
Shiny (Derby: 2012)
Asylum  4.2%
(Pale) Crisp, bitter, earthy hops
Squawk (Cuckoo brewing from Hand Drawn Monkey, Lindley, W. Yorks: 2013)
IPA  5.5%
(Golden) Hoppy, sweetish, citrus
Welbeck Abbey/Blue Bee collaboration  (Brewed at Welbeck Abbey, Welbeck, Notts: 2013)
Intergalactic 4.8%
(Amber) Crisp, fruity, hoppy


Beers currently available are indicated on the whiteboard
If it’s not listed, it’s not available!

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