talk like a pirate day

Yarr! All aboard fer Pirate Day!

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Avast , me hearties!

Friday, Septemby 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day an’ we at JB’s be not only talkin’ like pirates, we be dressin’ like ’em too! Yarr!

Sooo, if ye be visitin’ this ‘ere tavern that day, we be askin’ ye to be dressin’ in yer best Pirate togs as well as be talkin’ like ’em (just sayin’ ‘AAAR’ wi’ one eye closed an’ in a Cornish accent on occasion be agreeable). Then we be swillin’ some nautical themed beers an’ ‘avin general Piratical fun. Shiver me timbers!

We be avin’ a pirate dress compytition too, so be takin’ yer pics wi one o’ them new-fangled smartyfones and be uploadin’ ’em t’  our Fizogbook page. We be ‘avin beery prizes fer the three best ‘uns. Be sure t’ be taggin’ yer posts wi’ #ITLAPD t’ be sharin’ yer fun wi’ other Pirates. Yarr!

We also be ‘avin a prize fer the best Pirate name so be gettin’ yer thinkin’ caps on now ‘an come up wi’ a name fer yerself.

If yer be needin’ ‘elp wi’ yer Pirate name yer can be gittin’ some clues ‘ere an’ if yer not bein’ sure ‘ow to be speakin’ Piratese ye can be sailin’ ‘ere fer some lessons.

We be lookin’ forward to whistling yer on t’ poopdeck an’ splicin’ the mainbrace wi yer!


Cap’n Filthy Fugpig.

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