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Well, I was in the pub last night and somebody asked how the project was going. When I told her we had got the keys and started work, she asked why it wasn’t on the blog (wow! people actually read this stuff?). So, for all of those that do read this, here’s an update…

We got the keys last Friday (14th May), almost FOUR MONTHS after asking the agents to prepare the lease, a process which we were told would take six weeks. Extremely annoying that no-one showed any sense of urgency, given that we made it very clear to everyone involved how important it was for our business to be open to coincide with the Newark Beer Festival. We have now lost the golden opportunity of a good financial start to our business, courtesy of the many discerning beer drinkers that visit Newark once a year, due to the tardiness of the solicitors and property agents. Rant over, that’s for another blog.

Anyway, if anyone is actually interested in following our progress during the demolition and building work through to opening day, I’m going to post a video-a-day on our YouTube channel.

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  1. These drongos don’t care that you could have a flying start if they got their fingers out. They work at their own pace and charge the earth. In most walks of life rewards reflect performance, but not here. Looking forward to the launch. Will call in tomorrow morning to lend a hand for an hour 2. Oh yes, my favourite beer style is IPA, but I can’t vote for it on your forum.

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