Why all beer drinkers should reject minimum pricing.

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So, Scotland set poised to introduce a minimum retail  (I am assuming it is only retail?) price of alcohol of 50p a unit (already increased from a previously proposed 45p). Now, as pubs retail alcohol at well over the minimum pricing level* this policy, should it be introduced in England, should give us responsible pub-goers no concern whatsoever, right? WRONG! Be afraid. Be very afraid! Regardless of the for-and-against arguments of minimum pricing, here are some thoughts from a publican …

Some free advice to the Government.

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Another day, another report about ‘binge drinking’ (who’s paying for all this research?). Newcastle University have just announced their findings that banning the sale of ‘below cost’ alcohol would have little or no effect on alcohol misuse. Well, here’s a bit of free advice… PRICING IS NOT THE ANSWER – EDUCATION IS.