Setbacks No.2 & 3

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Well, this is getting disheartening.

After speaking to the landlord of premisis ‘B’ several times and having lots of positive feedback from him, he has now told us he is having some reservations. Namely that we might not be able to rent the flat above if we convert the shop below into a pub. Reasonable rationale.

But, he says he’s still OK with the idea, providing that we can satisfy him that there won’t be a noise problem. Now, how can we do that…

On top of that, we have had our application for a business bank account rejected as our combined credit rating doesn’t meet their requirements. Presumably this credit rating has come from Experian, the credit check company that puts a rating on your credit-worthiness based on principles that you cannot find out and have no way of challenging.

What gives them the right to put ratings on you which may have serious life-changing consequences, which you are powerless to change?

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