Talk Like a Pirate day 2014

Jay walks away with top TLAP prizes.

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What a fantastic night we had for International Talk Like a Prate Day!

Jay Doran took the top prize for both best Pirate dress and Pirate name – Arfur Galleon. Second prize name went to Stevie Dee with Captain Pubewash.

We also awarded an extra prize for the best Pirate joke which went to Pete Geary with this one…

A new cabin boy is welcomed aboard ship by the Captain, who tries to make him feel at home. ‘Aye lad’ says the Cap’n, ‘ye’ll be likin’ it aboard this ‘ere ship. On Mondays we be playin’ bingo’. ‘But I don’t like bingo’ says the cabin boy. ‘Well, ne’er mind’, says Cap’n. ‘Wednesday nights be dancin’ night when we all be ‘avin a good ol’ knees-up’. Again, the cabin boy answers that he doesn’t care for dancing. ‘Well’, says Cap’n ‘ye’ll be luvvin’ Sat’days cos we be goin’ ashore an’ a shaggin’ all the buxom wenches in town’.

When the cabin boy announces that he doesn’t really like the idea of that, the Captain replies ‘What’s a matter wi’ ye lad? Ar’ ye queeeeeer? ‘No’ says the cabin boy. A resigned Captain looks to the floor, sighs and says: ‘Arrrrr, well ye’ ain’t much goin’ t’ be likin’ Sundays either then!’

Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun, especially the music students who entertained us with some sea shanties. Here’s looking forward to an even better Talk Like a Pirate day next year.


Cap’n Philhty Fugpig

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