Boaters ahoy!

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Six weeks in and JB’s is still seeing new faces almost daily.

It has become apparent that users of the canal running through Newark (which is no more than 50 feet from our door) like real ale as well as (as the song goes) messing about on the river. More frequently we are seeing ‘boaters’ coming into the pub to enjoy a few pints of quality real ale after mooring up for the night.

One such couple were Jen and Mick Hargrave, who popped in (three times!) last week. So impressed by JB’s were they that Jen posted a brief review of our pub on her travel blog here. Jem, one of the keepers at the Castle lock, told us that one of the first things he gets asked by people using the lock is ‘where can we get a decent pint’. he obligingly directs them to our door. Thanks mate!

And thanks to the Hargraves. We hope you enjoyed the Just Beer experience. Spread the word and we hope to see you both again very soon.

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