Birthday beers arrived.

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Our specially commissioned beers have are arrived and are now maturing in the cellar to be ready for our first birthday celebrations on August 5th. Due to a slight mix-up we now have not one, but two one-off birthday beers for you. They are both variations on the same base brew, a full-bodied 5.5% stout.

Variation No.1 (sounds like a review of a Franz Schubert symphony) is a Double Espresso Stout, bitter with a big coffee hit and just a hint of vanilla.

No.2 is a full-on, smooth Vanilla Stout, with the pods having been soaked in vodka before adding to the beer.

Massive thanks to Chris at Sleaford Brewery for brewing these beers for us. I hope you’re looking forward to trying them as much as we are!

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