Beers from the Fridge #3 – Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen

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Following the most ancient brewing and malting traditions, selected barley is malted at the brewery and kilned over a fire of beech wood logs. The smoked malts, finest Bavarian hops and pure water are the only ingredients in this unique beer. It has an intense smoky aroma and flavour, not for the feint hearted! Smoky bacon in a glass.

Commercial description:

Bamberg’s speciality, a dark, bottom fermented smokebeer, brewed with Original Schlenkerla Smokemalt from the Schlenkerla maltings and tapped according to old tradition directly from the gravity-fed oakwood cask in the historical brewery tavern.

We have experienced the draught version at the brewery ourselves and if you’ve never visited the beautiful city of Bamberg you should certainly put it on your to-do list! Visit the Schlenkerla web site.

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