Alochol is bad, m’kay?

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So the BBC’s headline today is that even moderate drinking is bad for you. Yet a quick search of their website yields two stories; one entitled ‘Beer may be good for you‘ and another ‘Litre of beer is good for you‘. A google search brings up many, many articles on the benfits of moderate alcohol intake.

Scare stories like this – especially about ‘binge’ drinking – appear in the media on an almost daily basis. Just go away and leave us moderate, responsible drinkers to enjoy our favourite tipple – whatever it may be – in peace.

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  1. Alcohol, coffee, tobacco, mobile phones, sausages, employment, soap, chairs, breathing… it’s all bad for you. I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning except I read in the Daily Mail that beds are carcinogenic.

    Just take everything in moderation and enjoy whatever time you get out of life because that time runs out more quickly if you only focus on the end.

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