Ahoy! Be preparin’ t’ board!

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Ahoy mateys!

Just a freindly shot o’er t’ bows that this Friday be International Talk Like a Pirate Day an’ we on t’ good ship JB be ‘avin a knees-up ter celebrate. Yarrr!

Not only we be talkin’ like Pirates, we be dressin’ like ’em too. So be gettin’ yer best pirate togs on an’ be sailin’ down an joinin’ t’ fun. We be ‘avin beery prizes fer t’ best Pirate dress an’ best Pirate name, so be gettin’ yer thinkin’ bandanas on now an’ be comin’ up wi’ a name fer yerself. Then be takin’ photies wi’ yer smartyphone and be shootin’ em up t’ our Fizogbook page an’ be taggin ’em wi’ #itlapd t’ be sharin’ yer Pirate shenanigans wi’ yer feller Pirates.

We ‘ope t’ be welcomin’ yer aboard. Yarrrrrrr!

Beer ahooooooy!

Cap’n Philthy Fugpig.

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