1st Birthday Party Aug 5th.

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JBs has been open exactly one yer on august 4th and to celebrate, we’re having a bit of a party on Friday 5th.

We’ve had a special one-off beer brewed by Sleaford Brewery. A 5.5% Espresso and Vanilla Stout. Chris at Sleaford has made only two casks of this and we’ve got both of them. When it’s gone, it’s gone so don’t miss it!

Next up, Porter’s of Newark are making us two birthday cake-sized pork pies to put on the bar, so big thanks for that.

We also have a raffle with prizes donated from our loyal customers. All proceeds go to Beaumond House Community Hospice.

Of course, no party would be complete without a cake, and we’ve one of those too, being baked by Polly and Penny.

So, quite a day and one we’re really looking forward too. Hell, we might even splash out on some balloons!

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