What a day!

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Wow! What a day we had yesterday! Thanks to the Newark Beer Festival being run in town, we had loads of new visitors from all over the area and the pub was heaving all day. When the festival ran dry five hours early (well done to them) it seemed like everyone converged on the pubs of Newark to satisfy their thirst for real ale. We at JB got through nine beers in one day and the Blue Monkey Guerrilla lasted …

JB on the Radio

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As a follow-up to Tapster Dunc’s interview on Radio Nottingham, the station is visiting the pub on the afternoon of 3rd December.  So if you think you’ve got a face for radio (and that’s most of you ugly mugs!), come down and join in.

Lack of Piracy!

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Well, there was a distict lack of Pirates in Just Beer on Sunday to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate day but at least the 3 Tapsters and a wench (plus Cap’n Pugwash) got into the spirit of things. Hopefully a better show next year eh, me hearties?

Yarr! One day to TLAP

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Ahoy all ye land lubbers! Don’t ye be fergettin’ it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day on t’ morrow an’ t’ celebrate it, them crazy Tapsters at Just Beer be ‘avin a Pirate day wi’ nautical themed ales. If ye be comin’ dressed as a Pirate, ye’ll be gettin’ yer first pint fer just a pound. Come on board mateys. Yarr! If ye be ‘avin one o’ them new-fangled computers, ye can be downloadin’ yer Pirate dictionary ‘ere. Fair …

Talk Like a Pirate

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Yarr! Sunday, Septemby 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day an’ if ye be visitin’ this ‘ere tavern dressed like one, ye’ll be gettin’ ye first drink fer just one English pound. Nautical themed beers ‘n’ general Piratical fun at Just Beer, September 19th. Hints and tips on how to be a Pirate here.