Know your taste.

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An excellent new way of describing a beer’s characteristics  based on a visual clue came to our attention recently. have devised a new and simple way of describing a beer graphically, using six basic characteristics – Bitter, Hoppy, Citrus, Sweet, Burnt and Winey (not sure about that one – should it be ‘fruity’?) on a scale of 0-5, then joining the points on a taste ‘wheel’ to give a graphic shape of the beer’s taste. Filling the shape with …

Birthday beers arrived.

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Our specially commissioned beers have are arrived and are now maturing in the cellar to be ready for our first birthday celebrations on August 5th. Due to a slight mix-up we now have not one, but two one-off birthday beers for you. They are both variations on the same base brew, a full-bodied 5.5% stout. Variation No.1 (sounds like a review of a Franz Schubert symphony) is a Double Espresso Stout, bitter with a big coffee hit and just a …

Don’t forget Stan Laurel day!

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This coming Thursday (16th June) is Stan Laurel’s birthday and to celebrate it we have specially got three fab beers from Ulverston brewery. Ulverston in Cumbria was the birth place of Stan and their beers are named after all things Laurel and Hardy. Firstly we have the 4% ‘Another Fine Mess’, a pale, full-bodied beer with a sweet, hoppy aroma. Secondly we have another 4% beer named ‘Laughing Gravy’ after the duo’s dog. This one is a light, copper beer …

Let the festival begin!

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We are very excited to be having our first mini beer festival, which starts tomorrow (26th) and runs through until Monday 30th. We have what we think is a great beer list for you including three brand new breweries (first gyle from two of them) and some rare beers from brew pubs. On top of that, we have two specials, one of them from Maypole – Heart of Gold – which will generate 50p per pint drunk to go to …

Prepare for JBBF.

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JBs is proud to announce the list for its 1st Just Beer Beer Festival, to be held Thu 26th – Mon 30th May. Around 25 beers available at all times served both from handpump and direct from cellar, ensuring the perfect serving temperature. Beers from all over the country including three brand-new breweries and rare brew-pub beers. The list, in no particular order (and mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to order it) as follows: Raw – Pacific Pale 5.2% …

Gwynant beer tapped

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The exclusive Cwrw Gwynant, from the world’s smallest commercial brewery, has been tapped and will be on sale from 3pm on Saturday. It is a golden beer – crisp, dry, bitter and slightly earthy.

Fake breweries

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There is a worrying trend for some companies to call themselves ‘breweries’ when they are not. They are simply having beers brewed elsewhere, and selling them on as their own. Just Beer considers this as both wrong and misleading to the customer. It is therefore our policy not to serve beers from these ‘fake’ breweries. If we do get caught out (and we have done – twice! – already), we will make it clear at the point of sale where …